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Wren Cunningham wants to put her past behind her when she and her teenage son move from Chicago to Georgia to start a new life away from the dark cloud they’ve been living under since Wren’s ex was sent to prison. She tells herself she only has time for her son as she builds a wall around her heart. A wall that threatens to crumble when Phoenix saves her son from a fire. Phoenix is everything she’s never had—thoughtful, gentle, and a good role model for her son. His piercing blue eyes see straight into her soul and the pain she hides. But if the walls around her heart are high, his are higher still.

Phoenix Kent grew up hearing how much he resembled his father, at least physically. Inside, the two men couldn't have been more different. Phoenix's father was a criminal, a murderer, a cop killer. Phoenix is a police officer who volunteers at a community center for troubled teens. After he saves one of the boys, Griffin, from a fire at the center, Phoenix retreats from Griffin’s life, believing he doesn't have what it takes to be a father figure, which the teenager desperately
needs. He sure doesn’t believe he deserves to be with Griff’s beautiful mother, Wren, whose painful past mirrors his own.

When Phoenix has no choice but to bring Griff along on a mission to rescue a barn full of abused and neglected horses, he doesn’t realize how much the experience will change Griff’s life. Or how it will bring Wren into Phoenix’s life.

Passion ignites, but can they tear down their walls before it’s too late



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