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I have a million reasons to keep running—and one to stay.


I’m a dead woman walking; there’s a target on my back and a million-dollar price tag on my head. I shouldn’t have fallen in love, not if I wanted to stay alive. I’m a liar, a con, I’ve changed my name so many times I can barely remember who I am. They’ve found me and I have to leave. I keep telling myself it’s better this way. He’s too good for me. 


The detective and the mafia princess, can you imagine?

She ran like a thief in the night taking my heart with her. The city I’ve sworn to protect is in chaos; buildings are burning and there are riots in the streets. Innocent people are being killed and all I can think about is her. I’ve uncovered her secrets.


Now all I have to do is find her and convince her I can keep her safe. Easier said than done—the woman has trust issues.

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