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Ex-Green Beret Colin Doyle has the most maddening, frustrating job in Washington D.C.—protecting the First Daughter of the United States. Erin Anderson is irresistibly beautiful, quick-witted and cunning, completely untouchable—and apparently bound and determined to lure him out of his dark shades and neutral suit.

From the moment Colin took over her security detail, Erin has felt their sizzling connection, and caught glimpses of a heart bigger than his protective streak. Yet the cool, no-nonsense mercenary has resisted every temptation her wit and cunning can cook up.

When she’s targeted by a home-grown terrorist, and Colin is forced to take Erin and run, keeping his distance is no longer an option. But as their attraction melts into desire, it becomes horrifyingly clear Erin is just pawn in a much bigger game—and it’ll take calling in the world’s most dangerous backup to beat a fast-ticking clock on the President’s life.

If they fail, all hell will break loose



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