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When the daughter of a White House aide goes missing, the President calls in Zane Lewis and his team of former special forces soldiers to find the missing girl. The Red Team, having a well-earned reputation for being the best, discovers the true motive behind the kidnapping, and all hell breaks loose.

All Olivia Cox wants to do is escape her life. The harder she tries to break free from the pressure and obligations of her stifling family, the faster she sinks into a nightmare of her own making. This latest decision may be the last one she ever makes. Finding herself in a dingy room handcuffed and held prisoner, Olivia becomes an unsuspecting pawn in a game she didn’t know was being played.

Leo “Panther” Gillonardo is a former SEAL who thought he knew the game better than most. He's a professional, a tier one contractor. She’s the mission. Protecting Olivia should be his only objective. So why does he keep finding himself in her bed? Even if she's fully clothed and terrorized by memories of her kidnapping, he knows better and is desperate to keep Olivia at arm's length. As the days pass it becomes nearly impossible to keep his growing attraction under wraps. The stakes are high, and his heart is on the line.

With a drug cartel in hot pursuit, Panther and the Red Team have no choice but to take Olivia on the run. With time running out, Wolf and Abe offer them protection from the deadly warlord Gomez. Alone in Abe's mountain cabin, sparks fly. Giving in seems inevitable, and Olivia must decide if she’s all in or if she’ll fold as Panther plays a no-holds-barred game of the heart.

From the political corruption of Washington, DC to the sunny shores of California, follow Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs, John “Tex” Keegan, Matthew “Wolf” Steel, and Christopher “Abe” Powers, on a thrill ride when they join the RED TEAM on an epic mission.



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