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Signed Paperback 


Is seven days long enough to build a forever love?

I was living a nightmare of my own making.
My life had been erased. My past rewritten. My name changed. I had nothing from my previous life. I was no longer Bridget Keller.
I was promised federal protection. I was promised a new life. I was promised I would be safe. As it turned out, I wasn’t and I only had one place to run—back to Theo Jackson and his painfilled brown eyes, menacing demeanor, and indescribable kindness. To the man I had no business falling in love with yet I had.
I would do anything to go back and change the chain of events that sent my life spiraling. Everything except meeting Theo.

I was never supposed to see Bridget again. I’d let her go—mourned the loss and spent months trying to forget her. When a new threat sends her running back to me, I won’t waste my second chance.
There’s only one thing standing in my way, one obstacle to overcome, unfortunately he has a hostage and I have a choice to make.