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Three Teams—one mission.
An enemy who wants them all dead.

Former Navy SEAL Kevin Monroe could spot a liar from a mile away. A well-trained government liar?—They were even easier. And the woman sitting across from him in the White House briefing room spinning a tale of corruption, treason, and staged murder was a drop-dead-smokin’-hot professional liar with arresting eyes. The instant and undeniable attraction made her far more dangerous than the lies she told. Falling in love with Layla was out of the question. Yet he’d give up everything to protect her—even from his teammates.

Former CIA Officer Layla Cummings was full of secrets. But only one would send Zane Lewis, owner of Z Corps, over the edge into DEFCON 1 territory. A secret about one of his men, Garrett Davis. She would lie, cheat, and lie some more to keep her secret buried until they agreed to help her rescue her missing teammate. Lying was her craft. The duplicitous game of espionage was something she’d mastered. But there was one man she couldn’t deceive, a man who saw straight through her all the way down to the ugly truth. Falling in love with Kevin was her biggest betrayal. She’d soon learn if the truth would set her free or if she’d die by the same blade she’d plunged in Garrett’s back.

A dead man returns only to go missing. The Blue Team races across the globe to save a man they’d thought was dead, only to find him already gone. Now they must sort through a web of lies before the enemy they didn’t know they had takes down his target—Zane Lewis and the rest of the men of Z Corps.

Will this be the end of an era, or will Zane and his men live to see another day?

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