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Sergeant Shiloh Kent has never quit anything in her life. She’s had to claw her way out of poverty. Fight to inch her way up the professional ladder. But after a barricade situation ends in tragedy, she’s rethinking her position on the SWAT team she fought so hard to join. The ugly seed of self-doubt has planted itself deep in her belly, and with each day, it grows and flourishes. Shiloh’s at a crossroads—faced with a life-changing choice, she has no time for distractions. Meeting Luke Marcou, who is quite possibly the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, couldn’t have happened at a worse time. He’s exactly what she doesn’t need and everything she wants.

Former SEAL Luke Marcou knows a thing or two about life-changing events. Part of a two-man sniper team, his career ended with a bang. Literally—a hail of fire and debris stole his perfect vision, leaving him broken and damaged. After months of feeling sorry for himself and struggling to find his place in the civilian world, he’s made his home at Triple Canopy.

Those who can’t do teach, right? Cue the beautiful Shiloh Kent with her pastel blue eyes and wicked sense of humor. She’s looking to master her long-distance shooting skills—lucky for Shiloh, that’s one of Luke’s many specialties. Neither wants forever, but no one said they couldn’t have a little fun. That is until their hearts get intertwined. And suddenly, tangled morning-after sheets aren’t the only messy thing in their relationship. But forever might not be an option when the tables turn on Shiloh, and she finds herself in the hands of a killer.