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The Army trained Lieutenant Liberty McCoy to be the best—an elite Special Forces soldier, just like her father and uncles. But nothing prepared her for the bossy, good-looking Navy SEAL who rescues her after a mission goes horribly wrong.

Navy SEAL Drake Hayes thinks his team is being sent out on a special purpose extraction. He’s had enough experience to expect the unexpected. But nothing prepared him for the brave, tough woman he finds.

Their attraction is immediate, overwhelming, and all-consuming. But distance and military regulations force Drake to walk away.

When Liberty’s family discovers her capture wasn’t an act of war but a decade’s old, personal vendetta and she’s still in danger, the men of the 707 move swiftly to exact their revenge. Haunted by the torture she’d endured, plagued with guilt, and heartbroken over losing the man she’d fallen in love with, Liberty spirals out of control, leaving her alone, lost, and adrift.

When Drake faces the decision to save his career and reputation or the woman he loves, the choice is easy. Leaving everything he’d worked so hard for behind, it’s time to follow his heart. Will Drake make it in time, or is Liberty too far gone?



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