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She was off-limits. A witness. A victim. And achingly beautiful.

With a shiny new badge clipped to Special Agent Nick Clark’s belt, he thought he could save the world or at least protect those he loved.
A sadistic serial killer proved him wrong.
The only way to keep Meadow Holiday safe was to break the rules, keep her close, and claim her as his own.
He had no business falling in love in the middle of an investigation. But she's the one, he can feel it deep in his bones.

The sexy FBI agent was everything Meadow ever dreamed of having, but knew she'd never get. Nick's charm was irresistible, and the first time he kissed her, she’d stupidly fell in love. He promised her a fairytale where a strong and handsome hero saves the scared and scarred girl.

Just when Nick breaks down the fortress Meadow has built to protect herself and pushes through her doubts - it's too late.
The villain in their story has come for her.

Saving Meadow is a full-length romantic suspense novel.



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