Next Generation Series


Meadow Holiday was off-limits. 
Completely. Totally. Out of bounds.
A witness.
A victim.
And achingly beautiful.
With a shiny new badge clipped to my belt, I thought I could save the world or at least protect those I loved.
A sadistic serial killer proved me wrong.
The only way to keep Meadow safe was to break the rules, keep her close, and claim her as my own. Only she proved to be harder to catch than the lunatic running around on a murder spree.
I had no business falling in love in the middle of an investigation. But she's the one, I feel it deep in bones.

Special Agent Nick Clark gave me hope. 
He was so far out of my league it was laughable.
So damn good looking it hurt to look at him.
He was everything I'd dreamed of having, but knew I'd never have.
His charm was irresistible, and the first time he kissed me I stupidly fell in love.
He promised me a world I thought was long ago stolen from me.
A fairytale where a sexy FBI agent saves the scared and scarred girl.
Just when Nick breaks down the fortress I'd built to protect myself and pushes through my doubts - it's too late.
The villain in our story has come for me.
I knew better than to believe in happily ever afters.

Saving Meadow


Ethan Lennox became a single father at sixteen when his girlfriend signed over custody of their newborn daughter and left to chase her dreams. Eight years later he’s a police officer, fiercely protective of the little girl and dedicated to his work. He’s never had time for dating and won’t allow any woman to betray his trust or abandon him again. But the intriguing woman who shows up to rent the room he’s offering has him rethinking his ideas.

Photographer Honor Sullivan is on the run. Her powerful, ruthless stepfather would do anything to advance his political career, including forcing Honor into an arranged, loveless marriage. Her sexy new landlord and his adorable daughter offer just the kind of refuge she needs, a home full of love and honesty, so different from what she’s endured the last few years. But Honor is unwittingly carrying a secret, one that could endanger anyone around her. A secret that could get her killed.

As the attraction deepens between Ethan and Honor, events from the past are closing in on them. Will Ethan once again lose a woman he’s come to care about, or is he willing to risk his heart to chase a new dream of love?

Chasing Honor


DEA Agent Jason Walker became a widower at twenty-eight. Two years later he’s still torturing himself with guilt. They’d married young, and she’d been his first love, but her illness changed everything. They’d fought a losing battle and he’d held her to the very end. Now he just wants to be left alone with his misery and memories.

Mercy James is no stranger to grief and loneliness. Her brother’s death of a drug overdose, and her police officer father’s death in the line of duty were the driving forces behind her pursuit of a career in the DEA. In spite of—or maybe because of—her past, Mercy doesn’t believe in feeling sorry for others, or for herself.

When a case brings Jason and Mercy together, and their attraction heats up, can her tough, straightforwardness help Jason learn to live in the light again? He’d lost his first love, but is he ready for a forever love?

Finding Mercy


Claiming Tuesday

Tuesday Knowls is done. Once burned, twice shy. Twice burned? Game over. On the outside Tuesday has it all. She comes from money, she’s a beautiful runway model, her smile comes easy, and she’s quick to laugh. But looks can be deceiving. Inside, she’s lost and lonely. So when the smokin’ hot firefighter swoops in with his sweet talk and promises, she decides to be the one who uses, for once.

Jackson Clark is a man who knows what he wants. And he wants Tuesday. He sees past the beautiful façade she shows the world straight to the pain she hides. When Tuesday offers him a friends with benefits arrangement—minus the friendship—he has no choice but to accept her offer. He’s willing to do anything to get close to the elusive woman and show her he’s worth the risk.

When Tuesday starts getting presents from a secret admirer, she goes into a tailspin. She’s been down this ugly road before and she knows how it can destroy her life.

Can she really trust that Jackson is the good guy in this mess? And, if he is, will she realize in time that not only will he protect her heart, but he might just save her life?


Keeping Quinn

He liked fast and loose—she was sweet and innocent.

Firefighter Brice Lancaster lived his life by a set of rules: No commitments, no attachments, no promises. Three rules that were easy to follow—rules that kept his heart safe, rules that should’ve kept his best friend’s cousin out of his bed.
So what was it about Quinn that made him lose his mind? Maybe it was her shiny midnight hair that made him forget he hated attachments. Or her emerald eyes that made him want to promise her the world. Or her sexy smile that made him insane with lust and the need to claim her innocence and keep her.

Quinn Walker didn’t believe in boundaries—never had. She’d spent her life bouncing from one thing to the next—the wild child of the group. So when Quinn moves in next door to the man she’s crushed on for years, she knew she was in trouble. Big, strong, tatted, sexy firefighter trouble. Or maybe it was Brice that was in trouble because Quinn wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity slip through her fingers. No wasn't an option. 

It was supposed to be just fun.
They’d agreed on no strings.
Blinded by lust, they both gave in.
Brice broke his rules. Quinn let herself fall in love.

Then, in a cruel twist of fate, everything went up in smoke. Will one of them be strong enough to be honest—or was it all just a game?


Taking Liberty

The Army trained Lieutenant Liberty McCoy to be the best—an elite Special Forces soldier, just like her father and uncles. But nothing prepared her for the bossy, good-looking Navy SEAL who rescues her after a mission goes horribly wrong.  

Navy SEAL Drake Hayes thinks his team is being sent out on a special purpose extraction. He’s had enough experience to expect the unexpected. But nothing prepared him for the brave, tough woman he finds.  

Their attraction is immediate, overwhelming, and all-consuming. But distance and military regulations force Drake to walk away.  

When Liberty’s family discovers her capture wasn’t an act of war but a decade’s old, personal vendetta and she’s still in danger, the men of the 707 move swiftly to exact their revenge. Haunted by the torture she’d endured, plagued with guilt, and heartbroken over losing the man she’d fallen in love with, Liberty spirals out of control, leaving her alone, lost, and adrift.  

When Drake faces the decision to save his career and reputation or the woman he loves, the choice is easy. Leaving everything he’d worked so hard for behind, it’s time to follow his heart. Will Drake make it in time, or is Liberty too far gone?