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What happens when a woman who’s done the unthinkable needs protection—can a man who’s lost his belief in humanity keep her safe?

Max Brown doesn’t trust anyone but his team. The former SEAL learned early in life that people let you down—they lie, they steal, and they lie some more. Love is a word that is used to manipulate. Family is meaningless. Max is an island and he prefers it that way.

A woman who needs a safe harbor—but is undeserving.

Cyber genius, John “Tex” Keegan rescued Eva Dawson, a single mother who was forced to do something inconceivable to save her children. Tex somehow sees the good in her when no one else does. She is redeemable. Now, just when she’s getting her life back together someone wants her dead. Tex calls in the Gold Team to help—specifically Max Brown, the man with a past that mirrors that of Eva’s.

A past that clouds the present.

Tex has a plan—he always does. But neither the protector nor woman who’s been marked for death make it easy. Neither of them trust and both will fight to stay in control. If Tex can keep them both alive long enough, he knows the duo is the perfect pair—each of them will be what the other needs to heal the sins of the past.



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