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I was the daughter of Satan.
The sister of Zeus.
An unwitting outlaw motorcycle club princess that was my legacy—the past I knew I’d never outrun. I just didn’t know that would mean literally. Now I had two choices: risk my father finding me and selling me to pay off a debt, or marry a deliciously hot stranger who hated me.
Fake marriage it was.
Now I just had to safeguard my heart and not fall for my fake husband. That should’ve been easy. Davis Wright despised my brother and he was a judgmental jerk.
Unfortunately, I’d misunderstood his intentions.

Jane Morgan was the sister of a man I despised.
An outlaw MC president I was going to help put down.
So why did I offer to marry her to keep her safe? Why was I drawn to her vulnerability, her extraordinary eyes, her grit and determination to survive?

My fake wife was more than I’d bargained for. I was falling hard and fast and wanted to take the fake out of our marriage. Just when I’d convinced her we had a chance at the real thing, I lost her.

Someone has my wife. And when I find them, there will be hell to pay.

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