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Cooper Cain left California and quit the job he loved after a hostage situation went bad. Years later he can still hear the screams of the woman he couldn’t save from the stalker that had terrorized her. He hides his pain and failure behind a wall of humor, determined not to let his past ruin his future. Until Kira Winters walks into his life. Fun, flirty, up-for-anything, beautiful Kira who’s resolute to live life on her terms even though she’s in danger.

Kira Winters is a woman who knows what she wants. After spending ten years working for an off-the-books team, she no longer hides in the shadows. Her mission with Patheon is complete and she’s determined to live, to experience everything, to take life and make it her bit*h. She’ll accept nothing less. When she sets her sights on the former SWAT officer, Cooper Cain she’s all-in and will stop at nothing to win him over and keep him. But when the team discovers she has a stalker, Coop demands that she do the one thing she cannot—hide.

Cooper’s past eerily mirrors his present. Can he fight his way out of the darkness that threatens to pull him under to keep the woman he loves? Or will he give her up to protect his heart?



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